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Baked with passion.

My baking journey started in our small apartment kitchen on New Years Eve of 2018. I had a ten pound bag of flour and a great big recipe book full of potential. I pulled my first loaf of bread out of the oven just before midnight, and then my husband and I rang in the new year with a toast (literally). That first loaf of basic white sandwich bread was the best bread I've ever had. It was life changing. 


That first loaf of bread sparked my passion for all things baked. I made dozens of cupcakes, hundreds of cookies, and countless loaves of bread. I quit my job in healthcare to pursue baking full time. I was hired at a local bakery and was quickly promoted to Specialty Baker, but it wasn't enough. I wanted to put my skills to the test. When my husband and I bought a house in the early spring of 2021, we had just one requirement: can we turn this into a bakery? 


Baking has not only taken over our house, it has become a way of life. My day revolves around the finicky tendencies of my sourdough starter. Our friends and family have taken on the role of "official recipe testers". 


I hope that my baked goods bring you as much joy as they do for me. 

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