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Featured Cakes

Custom cakes orders are accepted based on availability. Please fill out the form below for a quote.


Thanks for your interest in a custom cake!


Quotes will be sent to your email within 48 hours of submission. Once the quote is finalized, I will send an invoice to your email with details about your order. A 50% deposit on customs orders over $50 is required within 48 hours of receiving the invoice. If the deposit is not received within a timely manner, you may be asked to forfeit your requested date. 

If you would like to include pictures with your request, please email them to with  your name and "Cake Reference Pictures" in the subject line. I will do my best to match colors, themes, etc., but please remember that every baker has their own style! Pictures are used for reference only, and I will use my best judgement when adding a creative flair.  

6" Cakes start at $35 and serve ~10 people ($3.50 per serving)

9" Cakes start at $50 and serve ~15 people ($3.33 per serving)

Half sheet cakes start at $75 and serve ~ 55 people ($1.36 per serving)

Tiered cakes start at $80 and serve ~ 30 people ($1.60 per serving)

One dozen cupcakes start at $24 ($2 per serving)

Wedding cake pricing is available upon request

Please include: 

Size (6", 9", half sheet, tiered, or cupcakes)

Ideal pick up date and time 

Flavors, including: Cake, frosting, fillings, and toppings. (Fruit fillings and toppings are available seasonally)

Any themes, colors, etc. 

Thanks for submitting!

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